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Continuing west out of Kekova, you come to Kas, a lovely spot surrounded on three sides by mountains. The friendly local fishermen are happy to run a water taxi service to take you to a favorite bay, cove or beach along the coast. The swimming and diving are excellent in the clear cool water around Kas.
Of ancient Antiphellos,as Kas was once known, only the Lycian rock cut tombs and sarcophagi are left. But the charm of the town remains, and it is a pleasure to wander through the streets, stopping to examine souvenir shops that offer Turkish handicrafts, leather goods, copper and silver items, cotton clothing and the inevitable handmade carpet.
Kas, once named Antiphellos, is one of the pretty harbors of the province of Antalya. On the slope facing the sea there is a well-protected theater, behind that a necropolis, and on the hill there are rock tombs shaped like temples carved into the rocks.
The Lycian style sarcophagus grave now in the middle of the main street at the centrum is a symbol of this antique Lycian city. Kas harbor provides a breath taking stop for the yachts and boats alike.There are daily boat trips to the antique Kekova-Kale-Uc Agiz region starting out from Kas harbor. There are also cruises to the Greek island Meis across the harbor.
There are excellent restaurants, terrace bars and tea gardens, pretty cobbled streets and alleyways abundant with exclusive shops, craft centres and beaches in the town or a short drive away. You can enjoy a traditional Turkish massage, hamman or even experience a visit to the barbers where a haircut, shave and neck massage are all part of the deal.Kas is 160 km to Dalaman Airport and 200 km to Antalya Airport.